domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

2012! Happy Now Year!

Happy New Year!!

Are you crazy Ana? I guess the time to say Happy New Year is long gone. Well… not really. Dates are a convention. Chinese are living the year 4.000 and their new year is after ours, so…

New Year is every day. Every day is a chance to start anew, to make our lives new and transform ourselves and make “new year resolutions”. It is up to us to see every day in this light. As a beautiful  poem by Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade says in the poem “Receita de Ano Novo (Recipe for a New Year):

It´s inside you that the New Year
Dozes and has been waiting since always.”

I believe that. And 2012 was still dozing inside of me, but I think I´m waking up now! Woke up to self-love and self-awareness and joy and it is in this mode that I am writing this post today hoping you will also wake up to the beauty of life and to the miracles that we can choose to see and make every day, regardless of dates, years or whatever. As Jason Mraz posted in his blog a long time ago, I wish you (and myself) a HAPPY NOW YEAR!!

This year, I resolve to turn New into Now. "New” often refers to a kind or quality about something, AND tends to refer to a someday, either past or future. Now, however, always means NOW. In this tradition, I get to celebrate early and say,
Happy Now Year.
“New” generally means that something is freshly made. Now means it IS made and this is IT. Take it or leave it” (

Wishing you a HAPPY NOW YEAR!!

It’s your choice!
I am choosing NOW and HERE!
What are you choosing this year? Today?
Comments anyone? :-)
In love and gratitude,