domingo, 9 de outubro de 2011

The power of messages and thoughts

Our Higher Selves will always bring to us what we need exactly in the moment we need to hear or see them. So, it is worthless to freak out, to try to control, to be anxious about “seeing” something or forcing an outcome. Today this is the message that my Higher Self is sending me: 

Your thoughts are powerful, so be careful about what you think. Whatever you think, it becomes true.

Yesterday, I was telling a friend who is going through a rough time that she needed to release her emotions, to let go, even if she forced crying (sometimes I do that when crying is difficult) just to release the emotion.

Another issue that has been in my mind for some time is learning not to take on other people´s negative emotions. We can´t be a sponge!

Also, I´ve learning a lot about drama – drama that we create unnecessarily, drama we´ve been brought up with. We also need to unlearn these and take things more lightly.

Finally, the world is our home and my Higher Self reminds me today to be closer to nature, to go out in nature more, to create space for that in my life.

As I was thinking about all of this these days and reading about it, today I just found this wonderful blog on all these post and I recommend it. This was my Higher Self guiding me to the messages I need to hear.

What about you? What is your Higher Self telling you today?