terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

Baby steps and patience

I feel content today in hearing this beautiful message from my Higher Self:

You´re already stepping into your own Divine Self – can´t you see it? And you ARE taking baby steps that will lead to big steps and all, you know that. Just be patient and trust me. I am watching and tending to you carefully. Be sure of that my child. I love you and will always and all is well. Keep up the good work! Keep showing up and keep practing. All is well. All is in divine order. Just listen, trust and follow your heart!!

Hope this resonates to you on some level and can help you clarify some things to yourself as well.

Ask your Higher Self: what message do you have for me today?
Listen to it carefully, write it down.
Follow your heart!

Have a beautiful day and be open to the possibilities :-)