terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2011

Miracles are everywhere

Miracles happen every day. I know it sounds cliché now that so many have talked about this, but I will repeat it here, since we need to repeat things that are new for us or that we are beginning to see with our own eyes: the universe showers and blesses us every day with lots of miracles!!! Just look around and you will find them everywhere - be it in a lovely (double) rainbow that comes to remind us of beauty and love all around us or in just waking up to a new brand day. So, be aware of miracles, look for them, rejoice in them and bathe in them.  Today, I share with you some of the miracles that greeted me first thing in the morning as I opened my windows: double rainbows and gorgeous colors in the sky! and a wonderful sunset!!

For that, we get to be grateful. For cultivating the gratitude mind, please see this wonderful talk at TEDx by Louis Schwartzberg


If you have miracles happening in your life (I´m sure you do!), share them here by posting your comments. 

domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

Just Be

What do I want for today? Peace, calm, flow and harmony. May today be covered with blessings that warm the soul and heart and makes us see that all is in divine order. Just be with things as they are. Trust that it is all good and all things are exactly as they should be. This brings peace. This brings harmony and calmness. This brings tranquility as in a still lake which is full of live. Just be. Just be you. Just be one with the sun, the clouds, the sky. Even if it is a cloudy and gray sky as today. Just accept it. Just be with it. Just be with you and cherish everything.

sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

11.11.11 Rebirth!

I was away. It was a time to heal, to think, to nurture. But today I am back. And I love this date! I read this about this day on the internet and it is so meaningful to me:

"According to numerology, each number holds a unique vibration with associated traits attached to it. One and two symbolize masculine and feminine energy, respectively, with one deemed as "the creator." When repeated, one becomes 11, which is considered the Master Number, representing rebirth and, you guessed it, new beginnings.
When broken down into separate digits (1+1=2), the number 11 resonates with the number two and, therefore, takes on additional attributes. Today is plush for matters of the heart, since 11 is commonly associated with intuition, inspiration, compassion, and tolerance, while two, the number associated with feminine energy, embodies union and partnership."


Today is a rebirth (actually, everyday is, but we forget it). This is what I wish for you today in this 11.11.11 and every day: a rebirth. Rebirth of


Creat a new day every day! Create a new you. Create the new, forget the old. Create, Create, Create and ACT! Give birth to a new you today and always!
In love and gratitude!

domingo, 9 de outubro de 2011

The power of messages and thoughts

Our Higher Selves will always bring to us what we need exactly in the moment we need to hear or see them. So, it is worthless to freak out, to try to control, to be anxious about “seeing” something or forcing an outcome. Today this is the message that my Higher Self is sending me: 

Your thoughts are powerful, so be careful about what you think. Whatever you think, it becomes true.

Yesterday, I was telling a friend who is going through a rough time that she needed to release her emotions, to let go, even if she forced crying (sometimes I do that when crying is difficult) just to release the emotion.

Another issue that has been in my mind for some time is learning not to take on other people´s negative emotions. We can´t be a sponge!

Also, I´ve learning a lot about drama – drama that we create unnecessarily, drama we´ve been brought up with. We also need to unlearn these and take things more lightly.

Finally, the world is our home and my Higher Self reminds me today to be closer to nature, to go out in nature more, to create space for that in my life.

As I was thinking about all of this these days and reading about it, today I just found this wonderful blog on all these post and I recommend it. This was my Higher Self guiding me to the messages I need to hear.

What about you? What is your Higher Self telling you today?

terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2011

Letting go

Do you find it a hard time letting go of things, issues or people? This has been a theme for me in the past month. I usually have a hard time letting go of things, people...

Several Messages from My Higher Self (who speaks by and through messages that appear in many forms around us) have helped me with this:
1)    Space clear: wonderful blog and wonderful book on how to declutter and clear mental spaces in your life  http://www.spaceclear.com/ I highly recommend her book: Spacious Self

2)   As I posted here before, instead of  being stuck in the old, CREATE something new. Nothing better than thinking outside the box, or doing away with the box altogether. Thus, I highly recommend the blog by

This is my Higher Self Message to me today. What is your Higher Self telling you today? What do you need to let go of? How can you do that today?