sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011

11.11.11 Rebirth!

I was away. It was a time to heal, to think, to nurture. But today I am back. And I love this date! I read this about this day on the internet and it is so meaningful to me:

"According to numerology, each number holds a unique vibration with associated traits attached to it. One and two symbolize masculine and feminine energy, respectively, with one deemed as "the creator." When repeated, one becomes 11, which is considered the Master Number, representing rebirth and, you guessed it, new beginnings.
When broken down into separate digits (1+1=2), the number 11 resonates with the number two and, therefore, takes on additional attributes. Today is plush for matters of the heart, since 11 is commonly associated with intuition, inspiration, compassion, and tolerance, while two, the number associated with feminine energy, embodies union and partnership." 

Today is a rebirth (actually, everyday is, but we forget it). This is what I wish for you today in this 11.11.11 and every day: a rebirth. Rebirth of


Creat a new day every day! Create a new you. Create the new, forget the old. Create, Create, Create and ACT! Give birth to a new you today and always!
In love and gratitude!

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