terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2011

Miracles are everywhere

Miracles happen every day. I know it sounds cliché now that so many have talked about this, but I will repeat it here, since we need to repeat things that are new for us or that we are beginning to see with our own eyes: the universe showers and blesses us every day with lots of miracles!!! Just look around and you will find them everywhere - be it in a lovely (double) rainbow that comes to remind us of beauty and love all around us or in just waking up to a new brand day. So, be aware of miracles, look for them, rejoice in them and bathe in them.  Today, I share with you some of the miracles that greeted me first thing in the morning as I opened my windows: double rainbows and gorgeous colors in the sky! and a wonderful sunset!!

For that, we get to be grateful. For cultivating the gratitude mind, please see this wonderful talk at TEDx by Louis Schwartzberg


If you have miracles happening in your life (I´m sure you do!), share them here by posting your comments.