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Daily messages

How do you get Messages from your Higher Self? I like to listen to my heart quietly, though I must admit that is hard to do with my monkey mind, though I have to admit that I am getting better at it practicing yoga, meditation, reading lots of articles and reminding myself of listening and looking at everything. If I had to make a list of what has been helping me, this would be:

1)    I try to practice yoga by myself every day. I do the same poses (I tell myself that I “should” do different ones, that I need to refine, but so far, so good). After I finish, I breathe deeply and let go of all judgments on myself and others (here is the little exercise I have used). Then, I put my hand on my heart and say a little prayer for Archangel Michael. Then I ask my voice: what message do you have for me today? And I listen to whatever comes up to my mind. I do this daily. I try to and in some months I am able to do this practice every day. Other times, I must confess that it is hard because I let the “to do” list and work get in the way.
2)    Reading great books such as:
o   PRONOIA by Rob Breszny
o   THE PATH TO LOVE by Deepak Chopra
o   Gifts of imperfection by Brené Brown
3)   Sites and email lists. Feeding my soul with love, spirit messages. There are plenty that you can sign up too. Here is my list I read daily:
o   Jen Lemen:
o   Pronoia resources: (good news we all need)
o   Rob Brezsny’s website and horoscope (once a week):
o   Intense experiences:
·         TUT©: Notes from the Universe delivered to your emai:
·         Neale Donald Walsch’s Daily inspiration:
·         Wess Hopper – Gratitude List (
·         The Daily Love:

4)   Listening to the birds and trees. Everything is energy. Spirit is everywhere. Look and see.

What are your own ways to listen to your Higher Voice? (let me know with your comments).  But remember, patience. Read my first post above. The craving for “getting it” and “listening to it” my hamper your skill to listen to it. Best advice is to quiet down, relax and be mindful. Spirit and Higher Self whisper to us most of the time. Sometimes they will shout (if it is an emergency), but that is rare. They are quiet.

"To create you must quiet your mind. You need a quiet mind so that ideas will
 have a chance of connecting."              Eric Maisil

So, everyday, I usually open the book PRONOIA at a random page, making it more of an oracle (I have read the whole book, but I love it so much, I keep it handy to inspire me every day). Today I opened it on a page that really helped me with an issue I have been dealing with for a long time:

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new (Socrates).

This is soooo true and it resonated with me. Instead of fighting, resisting the past, just create and build something new.

Thank you Higher Self for this message today! I’m creating something new!!! I’m creating this blog, and another blog, and writing a book. I’m creating my day, my life every day. I’m creating different ways of seeing myself, of looking into the world, of looking at myself. I’m co-creating!

What new thing(s) are you co-creating today?

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  1. Dearest Ana,
    Your Socrates quote is what I needed to be reminded of today as this is always an issue for me. I am almost finished reading something now that has been very helpful to me and which I'd like to share with you since it is connected to this theme. It's a book called Mindset by Carol Dweck. She is a research psychologist and this is a popular press kind of book based on years of research. Her research suggests that there are two typical mindsets (we're not all one or other). The fixed mindset sees ourselves in terms of abilities, which we have or don't have. This mindset needs to be validated often in terms of those abilities. This mindset gets nurtured, unfortunately, when people say things like "you're so good at math" or "she's a real artist". That becomes who we are, and we might neglect other areas that we're not good in. When we don't do well at something we're "good" at, which inevitably happens, this is a threaten to our core. We can't take criticism and often lower our expectations so we can fulfill them.

    The growth mindset, on the other hand, is about abilities. We can always nurture our abilities. Therefore, if we "fail", we see this as an opportunity to learn. We become proficient at whatever by working hard, figuring things out, asking for help. This mindset is nurtured through comments like "you must have worked hard" (if you do well on a test), etc.

    I've realized that I had the fixed mindset most of my life and my spiritual quest has been about nurturing that growth mindset. What I love about this book is it shows how we can take this mindset into our relationships, our parenting, our teaching, our coaching...(How many times have you heard a student say "I'm not good at English" or "I'm not good at grammar"?). So I am going to build this growth mindset into my teaching in very explicit ways.

    I like your blog because it's like my inner voice is talking to me. I can connect with what you are talking about on different levels and I need to hear those messages over and over again. So I want to thank you for sharing this.
    ps I don't always know what I'm pushing in Portuguese so I hope my posts come through!

  2. Dearest Paula,

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, I guess my aim with this blog is to remind myself (and the ones who read it) of the things we need to be reminded of. Things we hear with the gentle whispering voice, but we don’t really listen. The wisdom is inside us. But, since we don’t listen to it all the time, it finds a way for us to listen. I like that second chance. So it comes in many ways: signs, songs, books, quotes, people, nature. I like that.

    Yes, I´m aware of Dweck’s theory and I too see this in my life, in my family and with my students as well. I guess that is why I got interested in beliefs (Dweck does not use the word “beliefs” but to me they are the same cognitive phenomena). I think that as teachers we are trying to nurture this growth mentality in our students (as well as in ourselves. Sometimes teachers are too mean to themselves, they beat themselves up. I want to write something about that one day).

    “I like your blog because it's like my inner voice is talking to me. I can connect with what you are talking about on different levels and I need to hear those messages over and over again. So I want to thank you for sharing this”

    Thanks Paula. It’s good to hear this. I feel glad. I think that that is the idea as it happens to me. I need to hear these messages over and over again and so many blogs and people (on the internet that I don’t even know have helped me). I am thankful to all of them. This is my way of reciprocating. Even if they don’t read it, others will (I hope!) and love is being spread. That is what we all here for!