terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2011


I am a big fan of Jason Mraz, the composer and singer, who sings wonderful songs. I followed his blog for a long time (he closed it now) and found many messages there that were comforting and which helped me find joy and peace many, many times. I love the way he sings, composes and writes.  Love his songs and words and love that he “walks his talk”.

Last week, I got this wonderful piece he wrote in the blog Lifebyme:

In this piece, Jason asks how he can bring himself back to joy and share it so someone else can experience it too. So he gives some useful advice:

1)    In whatever difficult situation you´re in, you can always say: “ I choose X”. The example he gave was “I choose traffic”. He says that when he says this, he experiences freedom.
2)   Gratitude:  he suggests that it is useful to remind ourselves of what we can experience. So, if you hear a disturbing noise you can say: “I´m grateful for my hearing”.

And I love what he said in the end: “These tools I learn get me back faster to that place of peace and joy. It’s definitely a practice. We practice something because it isn’t easy mastered.”

I agree with him. We need to practice joy, acceptance, self-compassion. Jason´s post reminds me of acceptance, of being present, of making the best we can in every moment of our lives. As he says, we “get” to experience things. It all depends on how we choose to look at things. It is a great reminder for joy today and everyday! Thanks Jason. 

What do  you do to practice joy everyday?

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