terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2011


As I wrote yesterday's post, I was feeling happy and upbeat. Today I feel drained for I think I may have forgotten what I myself wrote in that blog – practice. It is hard to practice when people offend us, or rather, when we let them offend us, when we take it personally, when we forget that whatever  they do or say to us, is not about us, but about them (Don Miguel Ruiz – the 4 agreements). And today, my Higher Self, kindly  rescues me and picks me up and hold me gently in her hands and sends me this beautiful, amazing and inspiring post in the blog lifebyme.com


This post makes me feel good because I, like the author, like deep conversations. Hate small talk, that is why I feel shy in parties, because you kind of “have to” (?) do small talk. I like big talks. Like she said:

“What scares me is coming to the end of my day – or my life – without having done all I could to go as deep as I could. I’m not sure there’s anything that excites me more than exploring the depths.

In any conversation, I ask myself: How close to what really and truly matters can this conversation go? How transformational can it be? For me? For them? I’ve found common threads that run through every conversation: We all want to love and be loved. We want to be seen. We want to feel like we make a difference. And we all have fears and dreams. I want to know what those are”

I couldn’t agree more with “We all want to love and be loved”. So many people run around searching for so many things, when all they need is love, a little love, or big love, but love after all. Just plain love.

And the final quote she writes there by Rumi, makes me feel in unison with the universe and reminds me of this space inside all of us:

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

So today, as I become conscious to practice, to practice love and self-love, I am reminded of just being in silence and think on these words and these thoughts. We can all meet each other there. We can all meet our multitudes there. That is what I wish for you today. That is what my Higher Self is reminding me of today: Love, go deep, meet me there – no wrongdoing, no right doing. Just there.

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