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Baby steps[1]: creating now

July 21st, 2011
Today, In my meditation, my Higher Self spoke to me and I listened. I saw that I was sending this post to all of you.

Today in my meditation, I decided to take baby steps in manifesting my desire to spread the word- my words of wisdom (? Yes, why not? We all have our inner Wisdom. I am sharing mine with you), my struggles, my insights on my Spiritual Path. I will post here all that I am learning about myself, about Spirit, about my Spiritual evolution, about my Growth as a Human Being. I will share links, articles, videos, songs, poems and books with you. I hope to hear from you.

Today, I chose to do what I want first (before doing what I “should be doing” – my to do list that is getting bigger and bigger, the deadlines, and everything else.. it´s overwhelming!). I chose to do the BIG things first, as Wess Hopper says), to focus on my desires, on my intuition, on what I want to do, instead of postponing one more time and later giving the excuse: “I have no time”, “I´m so busy”, “there is just too much to do” (there will be always too much to do, if you allow it, won’t it? The list becomes endless). But what about your Wish List? Your Bucket list? Don’t wait till your deathbed to do it. 

And another reason which prompted me to share all this is the Manifestation Law. When you manifest something (MIKE DOOLEY- says: “show up and boom!”), the Universe hears you and rushes to help you. So, I am showing up and posting this post. The Universe will do the rest.

And also because one of the things that I have learned in my Spiritual Journey is that: when you do what you like FIRST, when you please your Spirit first, your Inner Child will feel happier and everything else flows and fits “like the flick of a switch” as Van Morrison says and there will more days of joy, happiness and flow. You feel light and you show your Light to yourself and to the world. And that is rewarding. And then you ‘to do’ list becomes a “to get” list, as Jason Mraz said: you "get to go" and talk to students today, you "get to" evaluate an article and write a paper. But you also "get to" honor yourself and your desires first and foremost.

I am happy to have you in this journey with me.

[1] I am reminded by my Spiritual Mentor that there are no small steps. Just small thoughts. So, re-writing, this is a GIANT step for me. Thanks!

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