sábado, 23 de julho de 2011


I have no recipes. There are no recipes, though there are plenty of recipes out there because in fact people do need tools. So you can observe that every webseminar, everything, every book always end with a recipe, a “how to”. It’s funny that they tell you not to worry about the how, but everyone is in search of the how: “how do I become happier, how do I find happinnes, the perfect love, become rich”. There is nothing wrong with that per se. I too have looked for the how. I too am still in search of how, I must admit. Sometimes we feel so tangled up in our emotions and we want to know: “How do I get out of this mess”? I think we don’t “get out” of anything. We are transformed with and by it.  We experience. But how do I see, experience and live love? Well, according to Neale Donald Walsch it is by giving it to others, by being the source. So, this blog is my way of experiencing “the recipe” by writing my way of living through the chaos, through the healing process, going in my spiritual process. This blog is to post my insights, my discoveries and my hopes. Thanks for reading and for being (t)here.

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  1. Ana, you're my inspiration for many things. I admire you for all you are and for all you do. I'm sure I am going to learn from you here, too. I loved your posts, they made me think about the chaos I've been living, too. Not a disturbed and disorganized hopeless chaos, but the reorganizing moment I've been going through for long years. I, too, am in a spiritual journey and I hope you all the best in your human experience. You're one of a kind.
    Hugs from your eternal student.

  2. Lu, thanks. We are all masters and students at different times in different situations of our lives. I understand the chaos. Let´s go together on this journey. Thanks for posting!hugs

  3. Being "tangled" in emotions really points to something. That is where we find the contradictions in our lives that push our growth. Emotions are to be embraced, and reflected on, rather than viewed as a negative. As you know, the value that has been placed on "pure" rationality historically is what often leads us to discount our emotions. Embrace the chaos!