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The Daily spiritual path

I am on a Spiritual quest. I recognize I am impatient. I feel impatient because I think I´m not getting it yet. “What am I not getting”? I ask. “How can I get it?” I beg. “why am not getting it?”  “what am doing wrong?” – all of these are from a place of lack, of impatience, like the story below posted in Paulo Coelho's column shows:http://g1.globo.com/platb/paulocoelho/

Sem resultados

O místico Ramakrishna começou a dedicar-se à vida espiritual desde dezesseis anos. No começo, chorava amargamente por não conseguir nenhum resultado – apesar de sua dedicação ao trabalho no templo.
Explicando mais tarde esta etapa de sua vida, ele disse:
-Se um ladrão passasse a noite em uma sala, com apenas uma parede fina separando-o de um quarto cheio de ouro, ele conseguiria dormir? Ficaria acordado a noite inteira, arquitetando planos. Quando eu era jovem, desejava Deus mais ardentemente do que o ladrão desejaria aquele ouro, e me custou muito a aprender a maior virtude da busca espiritual: a paciência.” (http://g1.globo.com/platb/paulocoelho/)

No results

The mystic Ramakrishna started to dedicate himself to spiritual life since he was 16. In the beginning, he would cry a lot for not being able to get any result – despite his dedication to work in the temple. Later on, explaining this phase of his life, he said:
-If a thief spent the night in a room, with a thin wall separating him from a room full of gold, could he sleep? You would stay awake the whole night, archicteturing plans. When I was young, I desired God more ardently than the thief desired that gold and it cost me a lot to learn the greatest virtue of spiritual search: patience”.

Reading this story prompted me to write this message because it a message of my Higher 
Self  to myself.  A message of patience in my Spiritual Quest. Yes, I am in one (I guess we all are, even if we are not conscious of it. Maybe I am conscious of it now). But in my impatience, I have forgotten some things. And in writing this post, I am reminded of the following:
1)    First, there is nothing to “GET”. We don’t need to “get it”. You live, you love, you flow. So, in that sense, I am living, I am flowing (even if it is in tiniest (are they really tiniest?) moments like this, writing this message. This is flow. And I am loving, because I am sharing this first with my self (my Higher Self) and with others. So there is nothing to complain about.
2)   Second, there is no hurry. The path is the journey. The destination is the journey. As someone said, spiritual path is everyday with yourself and others and the universe: being kind, patient and gentle. Offering love. Being patient. As Mahendra Trivedi said: “no bull, just living”. Sometimes I think I complicate too much. Too many techniques, too many strategies. “do this, do that”. I get to remind myself: “NO bull, just living”. I must confess,  this is easier said than done. But that is part of the path. That is part of the journey of the Spiritual Path.

Today, let’s practice patience towards ourselves first. Let’s just be patient and kindly tell ourselves: “there’s is nothing to GET. Only live, love, learn and flow.” Serenity, acceptance. Practice those and flow. And fly.

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